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MHRD – Innovation Cell – “India First Leadership Talk Series”

Congratulations! Gyan Ganga Group for being selected by MHRD Institution Innovation Council  as member Institution. MIC organized second episode for “India First . on theme “Planning for Career, Future industry trends and Startup” on 24 January 2019 (11:30 am to 12:30 pm) .The event witnessed huge participation and enthusiasm for leadership talk made it a huge success.

Leadership Talk Series” by Dr. Anand Deshpande, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director Persistent Systems Ltd

Smart India Hackathon 2018

19 teams of GyanGanga Group shortlisted in grand finale of Smart Indua Hackathon 2018 to be held on 30th and 31st March at different venues- Kolkata, Guwahati, Hubli, Chennai, Nagpur,Hyderabad ,Bhubneshwar,Pune and Noida. This is the highest number in the region.36 hours Contest started at 10am after formal Inauguration by AICTE members and Ministries Senior officials. Out of these 19 teams 3 teams made to top 5-

1. Techyons team secured 5th Rank with Cash prize of 50000/- in Smart India Hackathon 2018 Grand finale at Bhubneshwar. AICTE director Dr. Manna presented the trophy and cash prize to team members of Techyons. 

2. Neuromancers of GGITS Jabalpur bagged 4th rank in SIH2018 held at Indore 

3. Codebusters team was selected in top 10 projects of Govt. Of India in Smart India Hackathon held at Bangalore.

After tough Power Judgement round by panel of judges that included personnels from respective Ministry, Scientists and Industry Experts these teams  stood in top5 in SIH2018. 
According to the AICTE, Central Govt. has decided to give up to Rs. 25 lakhs to the 1200 engineering students who have secured positions in TOP 200 teams (each team having approx. 06 students) in SMART INDIA HACKATHON 2018 to establish their own START-UP COMPANY.

These teams have been selected on the basis of their BEST INNOVATIVE IDEAS given by them to the various Ministries of India. To begin with, these teams would be given Rs. 3 lakhs each to further develop their ideas as a Test Sample. Govt. will observe the problems and difficulties which would come across during its implementation and learning, then gradually on the basis of which other students would also be given such opportunities.
TOP 200 teams are selected from various IITs, NITs, Govt. Engg. Colleges and Private Engg. Colleges. In these TOP 200 teams,
08 teams are from the state M.P., out of which 03 TEAMS are from Gyan Ganga Group of Institutions, Jabalpur. 

The details of the 08 teams from the state of M.P. are:
*Position 005* – *Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology & Sciences, Jabalpur*
*Position 011* – *Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology & Sciences, Jabalpur*
*Position 033* – *Oriental College of Technology, Bhopal*
*Position 052* – *Sagar Institute of Research & Technology, Bhopal*
*Position 109* – *Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore*
*Position 110 – Oriental Institute of Science & Technology, Bhopal*
*Position 149 – Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology & Sciences, Jabalpur*
*Position 150 – Lakshmi Narain College of Technology (LNCT), Bhopal.*

Congratulations to the team members, Mentors and the department for keeping the flagship of GyanGanga high at National Front.

sih16.jpgsih15.jpgsih13.jpgsih10.jpgsih11.jpgH’ble HRD minister Mr. Prakash Javdekar having interaction with Smart India Hackathon finalist team 


sih4.jpg sih3.jpgsih2.jpg

Guest lecture to B.E students by Dr. Manoj Saxena, MD & CEO Net Edge Solutions Noida

on 25th April, Dr. Manoj Saxena, MD & CEO Net Edge Solutions Noida, delivered guest lecture to B.E students of CSE and IT stream on “Startups and Incubation” at Gyan Ganga Auditorium. He later had one to one interaction with Team members of Smart India Hackathon finalists and discussed their problem statements. He was overwhelmed by listening to the innovative solutions proposed by students and guided them with the challenges of their projects and how to overcome them. He then concluded his session by mentioning the key points for incubation of startups. 
Dr. Saxena is alumni of IISc. Bangalore and IIT Delhi


5 teams of Gyan Ganga in Top 20 in Bhopal Smart City Hackathon

97 teams showcased their innovative ideas at Bhopal smart city Hackathon on 22nd April 2018. In this 36 hour non stop event 5 teams of Gyan Ganga Group of Institutions( 3 from GGITS and 2 from GGCT) were in Top 20 ideas selected by Jury panel from Industry and Ministry.


CampCorp Club

Events by TCS CampCorp Club (2016-17)



Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Sciences Jabalpur 

Event Name :- MindSweeper

Event Date :- 6th August 2016


The First Event


The CampCorp Club with a set of highly dedicated volunteers successfully organised their first event on 6th of August, 2016 which happened to be a Saturday. The event named Mind Sweeper, was an aptitude based test conducted for the First year students of all branches. The first year students admitted just a week before the event date showed immense participation all together making this event a grand success. Members of the staff were also present so as to help the club for a proper guidance and moral support. The Mind Sweeper comprised of two rounds of questions’ set, the first round having a set of 40 questions to be completed within 50 minutes and the round 2 having a set of 20 questions to be completed within 35 minutes. Overall 96 teams(192 members) participated in the competition, the team having 2 members each. The whole test was online and was conducted on the College Moodle network which is highly efficient and reliable.

 ms2.jpg  ms3.jpg

The registration process in the College  Auditorium SPANDAN.

Feedback from the students clearly said that the event was truly good and such events are most welcomed and expected in the near future.

The Winners

After the completion of the first round, having a proper filter set to the results of it, students were sent for the second round.

All the participants were given a participation certificate wishing best for their future endeavours. The price giving ceremony was made successful by Group Director sir, Goyal Sir, Dr.Kapse, Dr.Ranjan ,Prof. Ashok Verma (HOD) .

The first three teams were given certificated and were announced cash prices for their marvellous performance.


Rank #1 Kanishk Singh Thakur and RishabhRoymon from EC branch 1stsem


Rank #2 GaganpreetSingh(CSE branch) and Priyanka Rao(EC) branch


Rank #3 Gaurav Sukhatme and Akash Jaiswal CSE branch 1st semester

We wish all the winners a hearty congratulations. May they keep on going high like this in future also. Also, deep hearted wishes to all the participants who took part in our event. We will be bringing up more and more such events in future and that’s a promise for sure because we believe in




 Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Sciences Jabalpur


Event Name :- CreativeCall

Event Date :- 13th August 2016


The Second Event


After gaining a huge success and recognition from the first event , team CampCorp executed their second event named CreativeCall. An event based upon the concept of Image Perception and Video Perception again was a remarkable success and grand hit in the campus. The event was held on 13th of August, 2016 inside the IBM CAD/CAM lab on the ground floor.

This time the CampCorp invited students from all the semesters of all the branches from both the wings unlike their first event in which students from only the first event participated.

The event’s first round included Image Perception :- the students were made to sit in a quiet zone and were projected an image on the display so that they could observe the image properly. Owing to it, they were given 10 minutes to write their thoughts on a piece of paper to know what and how they intercepted the image. Top 10 students were filtered from the first round and then sent for second round which had Video Perception.

The students were made to watch a video and then they were given about 5 minutes to figure out few points which then they had to recite in front of our judges so as to get themselves reviewed about their perception skills, their thought process cycle, and so also their communication pattern.

 cc2.jpg  cc5.jpg  cc6.jpg  cc7.jpg  cc8.jpg

Overall as it was deemed, the second event gained recognition at par the first event making it another success in the pages of the CampCorp’s achievement.


The Winners


Athul Mishra having earned rank #1 in the event.


Richa Satsangi having earned rank #2 in the event.


Gaganpreet Singh having earned rank #3 in the event.

We wish all the winners a hearty congratulations. May they keep on going high like this in future also. Also, deep hearted wishes to all the participants who took part in our event. We will be bringing up more and more such events in future and that’s a promise for sure because we believe in




 Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Sciences Jabalpur


 Event Name :-Live27

Event Date :-27th August 2016


The Third Event 


After another grand success from the second event, team CampCorp made it into a habit of organizing the most awesome events of the year on and on and on. The Live27 event based upon the concept of News Report and Delivery is by far the most terrific hit in the campus. The event was held on 27thof August, 2016 in the MIC lab on second floor.

This time also, the CampCorp invited students from all the semesters of all the branches from both the wings.

It was a single round competition where students were made to face a camera in which they had to deliver their news script, which was prepared by themselves only, in about 3 minutes time. The participant was made to sit in another room and the judges along with the rest of the participants were seated in the MIC lab and the participant’s performance was live streamed on projector to give it a complete feel of news reporting, as the professionals do. The participants were allowed to attain the proper attire and accessories they seemed necessary so that it may look more professional.

l2.jpg   l27.jpg 


The Winners

After listening to all the 50 participants the judges finally came up with the results of our third event. They are as follows 

1st Position – Joyel Paul

2nd Position – NavyaUpadhyay

3rd Position – MaitreyeeBajpai

The competition with all its uniqueness was also difficult for the judges to be very accurate about the result, which resulted in two consolation prizes also

Ayush Jain and Tanisha Dutta Roy.



 Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Sciences Jabalpur

 Event Name :- Email Drafting

Event Date :- 10th September  2016


 The Fourth Event


TCS CampCorp Club GGITS conducted its fourth event named as Email Drafting on 10 Sept 2016.The basic idea of event was to aware the students to the email writing techniques.The event was identical to the email writing round as conducted by the TCS.There were total three rounds in which about 120 students participated.Total 60 students out of 120 qualified for round 2.Then 30 were qualified for final round 3 in which top 6 were the prize winners including 3 consololation winners.


Our H.O.D Prof. Ashok Verma teaching about the concepts and Key points of email writing to the students before the beginning of the test.

ed4.png   ed5.png

Feedback from the students clearly said that the event was truly good and such events are most welcomed and expected in the near future.

“We would like to convey our hearty thanks to the Group Director sir, Dr Maneesh Choubey, Principal Dr. Vinod Kapse, Gyan Ganga Group Secretary Mr. Rajneet Sir, Prof. Ashok Verma (HOD of CSE dept.), Prof. Ajay Lala (HOD of IT dept.) for their moral support and their blessings without which this event wouldn’t have been possible even a single bit.”

– CampCorp Club


 The Winners


Rank #1 Mr. Akash Awadh, CSE- 1st Semester was awarded the 1st Prize of Certified Course Material of Oracle: program with pl/SQL (Volume 1 & Volume 2), published by Oracle University, by Gyan Ganga Group Secretary, Mr. Ranjeet Sir.


Rank #2 Miss. Palak Vishwakarma, CSE- 3rd Semester was awarded the 2nd Prize of Certified Course Material of Red Hat Enterprise, Linux Essentials, Linux System Administration and Red Hat Network Services, by Gyan Ganga Group Director, Dr. Maneesh Choubey.


Rank #3 Miss. Sakshi Singh, CSE- 3rd Semester was awarded the 3rd Prize of Certified Course Material of IBM Data Base Management, CEIS DB2 (Volume 1 & Volume 2), by the Principal of Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Sciences, Dr. Vinod Kapse.


Miss. Hira Shareef was awarded the consolation prize with an original Red Hat cap by the Principal of Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Sciences, Dr. Vinod Kapse.


Mr. Akash Jaiswal was awarded the consolation prize with an original Red Hat cap by the H.O.D. of Information Technology, Prof. Ajay Lala.


Mr. Mrinal Kumar was awarded the consolation prize with an original Red Hat cap by the H.O.D. of Computer Science Engineering, Prof. Ashok Verma.

We wish all the winners a hearty congratulations. May they keep on going high like this in future also. Also, deep hearted wishes to all the participants who took part in our event. We will be bringing up more and more such events in future and that’s a promise for sure because we believe in.




Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Sciences Jabalpur 


Event Name :- Aparajita

Event Date :- 24th September 2016


The Fifth Event


TCS CampCorp Club, this time in collaboration with the Women Empowerment Committee of Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Sciences is conducted an sports event Aparajita “Taste of Victory” which gave all the girls of Gyan Ganga Group to show their skills and sporting talents in sports on 24th September 2016.

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

-Gail Devers.


aj3.jpg  aj5.jpg   aj6.jpg  aj7.jpg  aj8.jpg

Energizing Performance by students


aj12.jpg  aj11.jpg  aj13.jpg  aj10.jpg


A hearty thanks to Principal Dr. Vinod Kapse, H.O.D. of CSE Prof .Ashok Verma, H.O.D of IT Branch Prof. Ajay Lala and all the faculty members of Computer Science Department for their help and support.

Our event wouldn’t have been a great success without the hard work and dedication of our club members, all the volunteers and our photographers.   




Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Sciences Jabalpur 


 Event Name :- PEHEL 


Event Date :- 27th October 2016


 The Sixth Event


TCS CampCorp Club this time chose to conduct an event that was totally different. This was an event organized to celebrate happiness together with the helping hands of Gyan Ganga Group. The event called “PEHEl Ek Nayi Subah” got organized on the occasion of Diwali. All the students, management members, professors and working staff of the college(Guards, peons, sweeping staff, gardeners and drivers) enjoyed this event together.

The main aim of this event was to honour those people who have always worked hard to make our college reach its highest level! After covering almost every aspect of Campus Commune, this time we tried to move for CSR activities.

We got a huge appreciation from each individual and now every year this event will be organized to cherish their honourable work!

Below are some photos of our honourable working staff.

p2.jpg  p3.jpg  p4.jpg  p5.jpg  p7.jpg  p14.jpg

And at the end of the event, our respected management members and professors distributed shawls and sweets to them.

p15.jpg  p16.jpg

During the preparation of this event “Pehel”, we tried to communicate in form of interviews with all of them to know a little more about them. They felt very happy after knowing about this event. After getting to know how enthusiastically they work for our college, we all started working harder to make this event a grand success.



  Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Sciences Jabalpur 


Event Name :- Catalyst

20th Feb 2017 – 4th May 2017


The Seventh Event


The CampCorp Club in association with two other clubs “GGITS Code Club” and “Mozilla Club Jabalpur” this time initiated an activity of the final year batch(2013-2017) to prepare the pre final year batch(2014-2018) for the upcoming Campus Drives. This was the activity that carried itself for a longer duration, emphasizing on enhancing the soft and hard skills of each individual. In this activity, we tried to cover the technical subjects and programming languages. In accordance to that, we also tried to develop the overall personality of students. In all sessions, they were provided with technical and HR/MR interview questions and answers. We took special classes for Resume building, E-mail Drafting and GD protocols. All the selective final year students gave their valuable time to be a part of this activity. They shared their experiences and helped us to build more confidence and skills among students.

After another grand success from the sixth event, CampCorp Club was all ready to give its best towards developing the students and enhancing their skills so that they can give their best in campus drives and prove to be an asset to the corporate world!

c2.jpg  c3.jpg  c6.jpg

On daily basis, students were taught technical subjects as well as a class for interaction was kept mandatory. This interaction was based on personal introduction, quizzes or any other random questions. This interaction was placed in the module to increase their confidence level and the way they perform in front of crowd. They were kept in regular practice of extemporary, debate and other development activities.

c5.jpg  c7.jpg  c8.jpg

To be a part of an IT company, one must have good knowledge of technicals too. Long with building personality, the final year students conducted classes for technical subjects( DBMS, OOT,  DS) and Programming languages(C, C++).

Students were also provided with the knowledge of project work . They were taught the importance of SDLC(Software Development LIfe Cycle) and how to develop a good project by following this cycle so that the end product assures good quality, taking lesser time and cost.

Along with the guidance, they were asked about their projects and related questions that will help them during interviews based on projects only. Group discussions help us to build up our confidence and enhance our communication skills. In GD, we get to know about importance initiations that shows one’s leadership skills, polite and gentle communication with others that shows our team player spirit, conclusion that shows the way we direct towards our aim.

The main aim for conducting GDs was to make students grow and let them know the areas where they need to improve. Through GDs, we tried to make them know their positives and negatives so that they can work upon them to convert their weaknesses into strengths!

Presentations are one of the important aspects that depicts the personality of an individual. It not only checks one’s soft skills but leadership skills, confidence, attitude, knowledge and convincing skills. Believing this, we seniors arranged presentation contests too. This contest didn’t only help them to know about latest technologies and innovative ideas but also about what else they need to work upon. We are thankful to our respective judges for taking out their precious time and guiding or students.

We got a huge participation from CSE/IT(2014-18) Batch for this event. We are thankful to the pre final students of CSE/IT  who gave an overwhelming response to this activity “Catalyst”.

We are grateful to

      Er. Shri D C Jain Sir (Chairman, Gyan Ganga Group)

      Mr. Rajneet Jain (Secretary, Gyan Ganga Group)

      Mr. Pankaj Goyal (Executive Director, Gyan Ganga Group)

      Mr. Apurva Singhai (Executive Director, Gyan Ganga Group)

      Dr. Maneesh Choubey (Group Director, Gyan Ganga Group)

      Dr. Vinod Kapse (Principal, GGITS)

      Prof. Ashok Verma ( HOD, CSE Department)

      Prof. Ajay Lala ( HOD, IT DEpartment)

And also to our Catalyst team (Final Year Students)

      Abhijeet Shrivastava

      Ashneen Kaur Jolly     

   Himanshu Koshta

      Ishpreet Talwar

      Prateek Gupta

      Rinshi Jain

      Rishe Kundey

      Shikha Rajpoot

      Shreyansh Deb

      Shubham Sharma 

We are pleased to get appreciation from our respected professors and management members. Catalyst module has become a part of schedule and is going to be conducted in future as well. 

We assure to catalyze certainty through various events under CampCorp Club in future too by  giving students a platform to showcase their talents and develop more skills !

 Vote Of Thanks


CampCorp Club, The club that gave opportunities to many students of Gyan Ganga, to explore, enhance and nurture their talents in various fields. The CampCorp Club 2016-17, initiated by TCS provided a huge platform to each individual where not only the students found themselves growing, but also the team members of the club. I Aishwarya Mishra, the Club Lead of this originator and expertise oriented club, is heartily grateful to all the management members, professors, and students of GGITS and GGCT for giving their overwhelming response towards all the organized events. I am highly obliged to the volunteers and core team of CCC: Abhijeet Shrivastava, Ayush Jain, Shivam Shrivastava, Simran Goyal and Soumya Satsangi for always giving their best and leading this club to its heights. Wishing the the best to all the students of Gyan Ganga Group for their future endeavors.  

Thank You 

Fundamentals of C by Code Club

Event 2-Fundamentals of C

After the first session of introduction of students, the CodeClub selected a few members for the club from all semesters. Then they conducted a session for them about programming languages. They started with the very basics of C and then took them to deep concepts of simple Input and Output command operations with their variations in C language. 
The student representatives took the session for about 3 hours in which they covered the topics
1–>Generation of Computer Languages
2–>Invention of C and the revolution it made.
3–>C and its compiler (brief).
4–>Why GCC compiler and not TurboC?
5–>Introduction to programming with Hello World
6–>printf and scanf Functions (stdio).
7–>Data and its type
8–>Variable Declaration.

The session was conducted by Abhijeet Shrivastava and Abhyuday Shukla (both of them are student representatives). 


 E2p1    E2p2    E2p3    E2p4

Introduction to Code Club

Event 1-Orientation and Introduction of Codechef

After getting the confirmation from Codechef authorities of the approval for Codechef Campus Chapter for the institution, the representatives started with the very first session where they focused on introducing the Codechef platform and discussed about the details of competitive programming and what it was all about. Secondly they also discussed about the future events which they will be conducting for the students and then finally concluded the session by introducing the student representatives of the GGITS Code Club.

E1p1   E1p2   E1p3

GGITS Code Club – CodeChef Campus Chapter

GGITS Code Club


We enjoy calling it GCC 😀


 Any coding competition is actually not as difficult as the students think it is; it is  just the lack of knowledge, practice, tricks and techniques. It’s a pure game of logic

-Himanshu Koshta


Inspite of  preparation for the TCS CodeVita in the limited time they had, they could not perform well this time, thus, Himanshu Koshta (7th sem) felt a strong urge to remove any hindrance which comes between students and their ability to apply logics with programming. With his mate, Abhijeet Shrivastava by his side, who also happened to be his partner in Codevita for continuous two years, they decided to open a coding club in their institute where they could create a conducive environment for coding. They went up to their Head of Department Prof. Ashok Verma and kept their proposal. He readily agreed because this seemed to be the need of the hour. With the guidance and blessings of their HOD and the faculty, Himanshu and Abhijeet started surfing on web trying to get a proper and complete platform that will nourish their club and its undergoing events. Finally they got a non-commercial coding community which motivates the students to compete for the world’s toughest coding competition, the ACM-ICPC( Association of Computer Machinery- International Collegiate Programming Contest); the “Olympics of Programming Contests” a multi-tier, team-based programming competition. That platform is CodeChef.


What could be the best if we prepare for the toughest and keep on accomplishing the smaller ones occurring on its way… automatically

-Abhijeet Shrivastava

So finally, having decided that CodeChef will fit their purpose perfectly, Himanshu and Abhijeet applied for the campus chapter request on 1st Aug 2016. The community members asked Himanshu to select a few students who were fit & would help him as core contributors for his club other than regular members in a week’s time. Himanshu started picking up students on the basis of their merit through an online quiz on programming which he got specially conducted to select students. After that, he called them for a small briefing and then at last his core committee was ready with the following members:

Aayushi Pathak

Deeksha Neelam

Rishe Kundey

Abhyuday Shukla

Agni Chaturvedi

Meesha Singhai

Viditi Kodwani

Yougansh Thakur

Apresh Shrivastava

Saraansh Mahor

Aman Khatri

Himanshu Maheshwari

Prof. Sameer Jain chose to be their Mentor. These students were personally interviewed by a member of CodeChef Community, Mr. Rudreshwar Goswamy, on a skype call asking them about their coding experiences and few logics and as to why they chose CodeChef. The interview took approximately two hours but Mr. Goswamy was content that this club is honest, genuine and students will do what they have thought for their institute and for its students.

The call was scheduled on 9th of August, and within five minutes after ending the call, the institute was recognised on the community and was approved to run its Campus chapter in GGITS.

The main aim of this club is to help students who are good at coding and want to get into the depths of programming, learn technical and logical aspects of competitive problem solving, which will not only help the individual improve his or her coding but also help in the overall growth of the coding environment of the institute.

This initiative has been taken so that the club and its members could focus on the world’s most famous and highly recognized coding competitions like the ACM-ICPC, the google’s CODEJAM, The ADOBE programming contest, JP MORGAN programming contest, TCS CODEVITA, and many other such high grade competitions. CodeChef will be providing us with all the things we need to improve and to work upon like we are allowed to use its platform (the name of the brand).



Head of Department, Prof Ashok Verma (middle) and on his left, Club Mentor, Prof Sameer Jain with Prof Satendra Sonare(left).

Starting from left (Students) : Himanshu Maheshwari, Arpesh Shrivastava, Yougansh Thakur, Himanshu Koshta, Saraansh Mahor, Aayushi Pathak (behind), Viditi Kodwani (front), Meesha Singhai (behind), Aman Khatri (behind Meesha), Agni Chaturvedi (front), Abhyuday Shukla, Abhijeet Shrivastava, Deeksha Neelam.