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Fundamentals of C by Code Club

Event 2-Fundamentals of C

After the first session of introduction of students, the CodeClub selected a few members for the club from all semesters. Then they conducted a session for them about programming languages. They started with the very basics of C and then took them to deep concepts of simple Input and Output command operations with their variations in C language. 
The student representatives took the session for about 3 hours in which they covered the topics
1–>Generation of Computer Languages
2–>Invention of C and the revolution it made.
3–>C and its compiler (brief).
4–>Why GCC compiler and not TurboC?
5–>Introduction to programming with Hello World
6–>printf and scanf Functions (stdio).
7–>Data and its type
8–>Variable Declaration.

The session was conducted by Abhijeet Shrivastava and Abhyuday Shukla (both of them are student representatives). 


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Introduction to Code Club

Event 1-Orientation and Introduction of Codechef

After getting the confirmation from Codechef authorities of the approval for Codechef Campus Chapter for the institution, the representatives started with the very first session where they focused on introducing the Codechef platform and discussed about the details of competitive programming and what it was all about. Secondly they also discussed about the future events which they will be conducting for the students and then finally concluded the session by introducing the student representatives of the GGITS Code Club.

E1p1   E1p2   E1p3

GGITS Code Club – CodeChef Campus Chapter

GGITS Code Club


We enjoy calling it GCC 😀


 Any coding competition is actually not as difficult as the students think it is; it is  just the lack of knowledge, practice, tricks and techniques. It’s a pure game of logic

-Himanshu Koshta


Inspite of  preparation for the TCS CodeVita in the limited time they had, they could not perform well this time, thus, Himanshu Koshta (7th sem) felt a strong urge to remove any hindrance which comes between students and their ability to apply logics with programming. With his mate, Abhijeet Shrivastava by his side, who also happened to be his partner in Codevita for continuous two years, they decided to open a coding club in their institute where they could create a conducive environment for coding. They went up to their Head of Department Prof. Ashok Verma and kept their proposal. He readily agreed because this seemed to be the need of the hour. With the guidance and blessings of their HOD and the faculty, Himanshu and Abhijeet started surfing on web trying to get a proper and complete platform that will nourish their club and its undergoing events. Finally they got a non-commercial coding community which motivates the students to compete for the world’s toughest coding competition, the ACM-ICPC( Association of Computer Machinery- International Collegiate Programming Contest); the “Olympics of Programming Contests” a multi-tier, team-based programming competition. That platform is CodeChef.


What could be the best if we prepare for the toughest and keep on accomplishing the smaller ones occurring on its way… automatically

-Abhijeet Shrivastava

So finally, having decided that CodeChef will fit their purpose perfectly, Himanshu and Abhijeet applied for the campus chapter request on 1st Aug 2016. The community members asked Himanshu to select a few students who were fit & would help him as core contributors for his club other than regular members in a week’s time. Himanshu started picking up students on the basis of their merit through an online quiz on programming which he got specially conducted to select students. After that, he called them for a small briefing and then at last his core committee was ready with the following members:

Aayushi Pathak

Deeksha Neelam

Rishe Kundey

Abhyuday Shukla

Agni Chaturvedi

Meesha Singhai

Viditi Kodwani

Yougansh Thakur

Apresh Shrivastava

Saraansh Mahor

Aman Khatri

Himanshu Maheshwari

Prof. Sameer Jain chose to be their Mentor. These students were personally interviewed by a member of CodeChef Community, Mr. Rudreshwar Goswamy, on a skype call asking them about their coding experiences and few logics and as to why they chose CodeChef. The interview took approximately two hours but Mr. Goswamy was content that this club is honest, genuine and students will do what they have thought for their institute and for its students.

The call was scheduled on 9th of August, and within five minutes after ending the call, the institute was recognised on the community and was approved to run its Campus chapter in GGITS.

The main aim of this club is to help students who are good at coding and want to get into the depths of programming, learn technical and logical aspects of competitive problem solving, which will not only help the individual improve his or her coding but also help in the overall growth of the coding environment of the institute.

This initiative has been taken so that the club and its members could focus on the world’s most famous and highly recognized coding competitions like the ACM-ICPC, the google’s CODEJAM, The ADOBE programming contest, JP MORGAN programming contest, TCS CODEVITA, and many other such high grade competitions. CodeChef will be providing us with all the things we need to improve and to work upon like we are allowed to use its platform (the name of the brand).



Head of Department, Prof Ashok Verma (middle) and on his left, Club Mentor, Prof Sameer Jain with Prof Satendra Sonare(left).

Starting from left (Students) : Himanshu Maheshwari, Arpesh Shrivastava, Yougansh Thakur, Himanshu Koshta, Saraansh Mahor, Aayushi Pathak (behind), Viditi Kodwani (front), Meesha Singhai (behind), Aman Khatri (behind Meesha), Agni Chaturvedi (front), Abhyuday Shukla, Abhijeet Shrivastava, Deeksha Neelam.

Cisco Networking Academy NetRiders Competition

Cisco Networking Academy NetRiders competitions utilize Cisco’s Web technologies to create an interactive networking skills contest that enhances classroom learning, unites students from across the world, and promotes further technology education and training.


Organized by Cisco, these competitions are a great opportunity for Networking Academy students to learn valuable Networking/IT skills through a series of online exams and simulation activities using Cisco Packet Tracer.

Competitions are offered at 3 levels (CCNA, CCENT and IT Essentials) for students currently or recently enrolled in a Cisco Networking Academy course.

Below are the Round 1 Net Riders CCENT competitors who are invited to advance to CCENT Round 2 finals on Thursday, 15 September, 2016 

  • Karishma Jaiswal
  • Arnabh Paul
  • Divya Rathore
  • Rishe Kundey
  • Himanshu Koshta
  • Jatin Purohit
  • Mohit Soni
  • Raja Kori
  • Ashutosh Shrivastava
  • Karan Singh  

NetRiders Round 2 for all categories will be held at Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology & Sciences.