Fundamentals of C by Code Club

Event 2-Fundamentals of C

After the first session of introduction of students, the CodeClub selected a few members for the club from all semesters. Then they conducted a session for them about programming languages. They started with the very basics of C and then took them to deep concepts of simple Input and Output command operations with their variations in C language. 
The student representatives took the session for about 3 hours in which they covered the topics
1–>Generation of Computer Languages
2–>Invention of C and the revolution it made.
3–>C and its compiler (brief).
4–>Why GCC compiler and not TurboC?
5–>Introduction to programming with Hello World
6–>printf and scanf Functions (stdio).
7–>Data and its type
8–>Variable Declaration.

The session was conducted by Abhijeet Shrivastava and Abhyuday Shukla (both of them are student representatives). 


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